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Youth Leadership Program

BEAM’s youth leadership program is catered towards our upper middle school students and highschool. This program fosters mutual understanding, respect, and civic engagement among young Muslim Americans. This program will focus on three essential needs for this age; spirituality, character and skills development, and physicality. Our program provides opportunities for our younger generations to make a difference in their communities. They will gain hands on experience and the success skills that they need to become our next generation of Muslim leaders.

Our 8th-10th graders can choose two segments:

Islamic Studies and (leadership or Sports)

Starting September 5th, students will be meeting one time each week, girls: Thursday 6:30-8:30pm ,and boys 11:00am-1:00 pm  at Stinson Elementary School.

**Course is geared towards children ages  13-15 and it is limited to the first 20 children enrolled in each group **

Inclusive  course cost (per child): $65 registration fee, and $105 per month.

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