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Zak Kuzbari

Youth Venture Program Mentor

Zak Kuzbari is a seasoned professional with a diverse background in finance, consulting, and entrepreneurship. With a foundation established at Goldman Sachs, he honed his skills in quantitative analysis and process optimization. His achievements include crafting intricate pricing models, automating critical pipeline processes, and ensuring accuracy in trade operations. His tenure at McKinsey elevated his expertise, where he served as an Engagement Manager, collaborating closely with C-suite executives of Fortune 100 companies across the globe. He excelled in orchestrating large teams, navigating various industries, and spearheading transformative projects. Notably, he led a monumental digital supply chain overhaul for an automotive giant, resulting in savings exceeding $8 billion over three years. Recently, Zak made the exciting transition to Mayer Solar, where he serves as CEO. He is also heavily involved in real estate investment and development through two ventures that he has been a partner of for 3 years. Beyond professional pursuits, Zak finds fulfillment in mentoring and guiding others to their fullest potential. With a proven track record in finance, strategy, and a dedication to mentorship, he is poised to take on new challenges and excited to help contribute to BEAM’s Youth Venture program.

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