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Sophia Khan

Islamic Studies Teacher

Sister Sophia is a Youth Leader and Mentor for middle school, high school and college girls at East Plano Islamic Center (EPIC).

Sister Sophia was raised in America and then lived in Dubai for over 15 years.
She went to university in Dubai and studied Islamic Shari’ah Law in Arabic. Sister Sophia has extensive Islamic knowledge and has had the opportunity to study under the students of known Islamic scholars for more than 5 years.

Her passion is to show the youth who are struggling with their faith and identity as an American Muslim, the true beauty of what Islam is all about and guide them towards becoming a better person in society not just within our Muslim community but outside of it as well – all of this based on her personal experience as an American Muslim, her Islamic academic background and her experience of mentoring youth girls for over 10 years.

Amongst the youth girls, Sister Sophia is known to be relatable and very understanding towards their struggles without any judgement and she provides Islamic guidance based on the issues and problems that the youth face on a daily basis.

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