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Azizah Alyafai

Islamic Studies Teacher

Sister. Azizah is acquiring her bachelor's degree through Western Governors University. She specializes in Elementary Education. She lived in the United Arab Emirates for several years,
this is where she has completed her Islamic education in Al Misbaah. She joined the Quran
Intensive Program where she learned the Tajweed, Grammar, and Tafseer. She has been an
Islamic teacher for over 5 years. Azizah is an active member of the East Plano Islam Center
(EPIC) , worked in Good Tree academy for two years. Recently, She moved to the
Heath/Rockwall area, where she became the Girl Youth Director at Mesquite Islamic Masjid.
Teaching- especially the deen of Allah is Azizah’s passion. Not only does she want her students to understand the deen of Allah, but also to practice it in the way a Prophet Mohammed SAW taught his Umah.

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