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Ashraf Kuzbari

Student Volunteer

Ashraf Kuzbari is a 14-year-old student of knowledge that has successfully completed various BEAM courses. He is passionate about inspiring younger children and has a unique and efficient way of communicating and motivating them. Even though Ashraf is only 14, he has accumulated a lot of knowledge in different areas of Islam and has developed strong leadership skills through his continuous attendance of BEAM. Ashraf has been attending BEAM for nearly seven years and has successfully completed courses in classic Islamic studies such as intensive Seerah, 99 Names of Allah, Doubts and Dawah, Aqeedah, and many more. Ashraf has also completed BEAM courses in modern integrated Islamic Studies such as Muslim Entrepreneurship, Muslim Civic Engagement, Media and Islam, Prophetic Medicine, and Public Speaking, and more. MashaAllah, he has been recognized by his school and received Presidential Academic Excellence Awards. He has a love of writing which has driven his blog on Facebook about personal development and Islam, whilst also fueling him to indulge in the writing and teaching of several friday khutbahs at his school for 3 years. He has also taken initiative in several projects, which include the creation and development of both and www.vibeflames.comAshraf has delivered many Friday Khutbas at his school.

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