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Ahmad Hajir

Islamic Studies Teacher

Ahmad Hajir is curently pursuing a degree in Islamic Studies at Mishkah University. His goal is to bring a unique perspective working with adolescents through Islam and Politics to strengthening life mentalities. Imperfect human striving to understand better life and with the help of Allah. He is a passionate teacher of secular and Islamic studies and loves to explore the intersection of the two, with an emphasis on how they inform one another through Islamic studies, history and politics. With years of experience in education and teaching, educational expertise is rich in the area of working with youth on fostering developmental skills. Dynamic educator developing understanding of the wide variety of experiences encountered by adolescents. Social Explorer who is constantly working to understand many cultures, ways and ideas. Br. Ahmad would love to share my knowledge with anyone who is interested.

He gained his Bachelor's degree in History and Secondary Education from Brooklyn College (CUNY).  Also, he is a Graduate of the Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) certification, which gives individuals the skills to identify, understand signs and short-term interventions for mental health struggles. 

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