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 Sunday Program in Allen

Registration & enrollment is now open for the 2023-2024 academic year! Our classes will take place on Sundays from 11 AM-2 PM starting on September 10th. We will be meeting at Beverly Cheatham Elementary located at 1501 Hopewell Dr, Allen, TX 75013

Our Sunday program will have three segments:

Arabic, Islamic Studies, and Quran


Our Arabic program will have various levels to meet every student's needs.

  • Beginner levels: Montessori method

    • Students will learn to read and write through hands-on tools.

  • Intermediate and Advanced: Arabic Reader curriculum

    • This curriculum takes students through six levels of learning the Arabic language including its grammar and writing.   


In addition, we use an Arabic online platform that helps modernize our students’ learning through increased comprehension and reading in a fun way with their teacher's guidance on a daily basis. 

2-Islamic Studies:

BEAM’s Islamic Studies curriculum will be based on the textbook An Nasiha. Students will move their way up through each level in our Islamic Studies program.


The class is aimed at teaching students to read and recite the Quran with ease and proper Tajweed (pronunciation) while memorizing. The curriculum is based on the student's level and needs. The class uses Qaida Nuraniyah, Noor Albayan, and Tajweed.

4-Optional Sports (Add on)

Students have the option of adding one hour of sports to their Sunday program. The sports will take place before the Sunday program at 10:00 AM at the school. 

**Program is geared towards children ages 4 to 13 and it is limited to the first 60 children enrolled in each campus.**

Inclusive course cost (per child): $65 registration fee plus $30 supply fee per semester, $155 per month, Islamic studies books fee $25, and BEAM T-shirt $15. Sibling discount is available.

Please note that the registration fee and the supply fee is per semester (the academic year program consists of two semesters) and all online payments through PayPal are subject to a 4% processing fee. 

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