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Integration Programs

BEAM offers one integrated class per semester as part of our Saturday/Sunday program. The purpose of these classes is to expose the kids  introduce new concepts and different fields to children so they are more prepared for the real world. These programs include hands on activities, field trips, and lectures from speakers who specialize in these different fields
Civic Engagement

 This program will primarily focus on the ways citizens participate in the life of a community in order to improve conditions for others and to help shape the community's future. Skills to help the youth participate in their community in positive ways will be explored such as: volunteering & service, social connection, social/racial justice, public speaking and media training. These skills will be integrated and directed with Islamic principles including fun hands on projects, guest speakers, and a mock student council. 

Youth Leadership

We will focus on 5 themes, that will develop the children's ability to design their personal path to accomplish their dreams. They will tackle the issues of segregation, racism, and establishing social justice. Children will also be taught how to avoid deviant misguiding resources, conduct proper research, value of proper presentation and teamwork.


Students will learn the importance, power, and the impact that media has on human life, They will be exposed to the art of video and filmmaking and they will be working ( group or individual ) on completion of a film depending on their age. The film project will consist of a principled message relative to their age group.We will have field trips to support the Media class, guest speakers, and an interactive curriculum that will be sure to keep the children motivated and eager to learn. 

Public Speaking

This is being implemented to build confidence and to help the students become strong leaders by fine tuning verbal and nonverbal skills, develop critical thinking skills, and to overcome the fear of public speaking. The TED-ED Curriculum was utilized with Islamic ethics to accomplish the goals of this portion. 


Students will be able to animate bouncing balls, build a swarm of robots, and make virtual fireworks explode using code. The subjects that they students learn in school: math, science, computer science, and humanities ,are used every day to create amazing movies at Pixar. This collaboration between Pixar Animation Studios and Khan Academy is sponsored by Disney.


We have teams in Basketball, Soccer, and Volleyball. Currently, we have six teams. New students may be added to existing teams, or they may be added to new teams, depending on the number of registered students. 


This shows students various styles and techniques they can use to create their own unique art pieces. This will include Islamic architecture and art through a trip to the DMA's Keir Collection Gallery and a professional's discussion on the development process.


Students will be introduced to different types of engineering and how it impacts our daily life. Students will be learning its importance and how they can start their path to engineering at their age. 


This is an opportunity for students to establish a company in a group project setting to present their group idea to parents and peers. Students will obtain a role (CEO, VP, manufacture, accountant..etc) in a company and each student will work upon their job description in order to grow the company collectively. This class will enhance their critical thinking, teamwork, problem solving, taking responsibility, innovation, and leadership skills. 

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