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Girls Middle School Program in Frisco

Program Overview:

  • Location: William & Abbie Allen Elementary School, 5800 Legacy Dr, Frisco, TX 75034

  • Times: 11:00 AM-2:00 PM

  • Days: Sundays

  • Dates: September 8, 2024-May 18, 2025

  • Age: Middle School Girls

Program Components:

1-Islamic Studies:

BEAM’s Islamic Studies curriculum will be based on the textbook An Nasiha. Students will move their way up through each level in our Islamic Studies program.


The class is aimed at teaching students to read and recite the Quran with ease and proper Tajweed (pronunciation) while memorizing. The curriculum is based on the student's level and needs. The class uses Qaida Nuraniyah, Noor Albayan, and Tajweed.


The Basketball session will be taught by a specialized coach.​​

4-Optional Venture Program (Free Add-on by Application)

Students have the option of joining the venture program, it's a free program by application. The program will take place before the Girls program at 10:00 AM at the school. Learn More & Apply

5-Optional Weekly Online One-on-One Sessions (Add on)

Students have the option of adding a weekly 30-minute online private (one-on-one) Quran session with certified teachers to their enrollment. The sessions enhance the benefits of the program by having an online tutor to make sure that the child is completing HW and progressing in the subject. Parents can choose the times/days that work best for their child. If you are interested in more sessions per week, please reach out to

Payments and Fees:

  • Monthly Fee: $165 

  • Yearly Registration Fee: $130 ($65 per semester)

  • Yearly Supplies Fee: $60 ($30 per semester)

  • Islamic Studies Book Fee $30 

  • BEAM T-shirt: $15

All online payments through PayPal are subject to a 4% processing fee. To avoid paying the processing fee, you may send the full yearly payment through Zelle to Refer to this table for yearly amounts.

  • Note: No Partial or monthly payments are allowed through Zelle.

Sibling discount: 5% Second child, 10% third child.

  • The discount will be effective on the second month of your enrollment.

*Payment Processing Structure: 

Upon registering your child, you will be charged the yearly registration and supplies fee of $190 ($95 per semester) plus the Islamic Studies book and BEAM T-shirt fees of ($30+$15=$45). Following this fee, the first of nine monthly payments will be processed in the month following the registration and supplies fees. Then the autopayment will be paused until August, when the second payment will be processed. This means that two monthly payments will be processed before the program begins in September, and your autopayment will be two months ahead. Starting in August, the autopayment will be processed on a monthly basis until a total of 9 cycles are completed in March, despite the program ending in May.

Registration & Payment Form:
If you are interested in sending your child to BEAM's Girls Middle School Program in Frisco, please use the following form to register & pay.
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