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Sports Teams

Students participating in the skills program will have the option to join our teams in the Winter Season. *Fall skills program is required for placement in Winter PSA Teams*  


Teams are formed depending on how many players we have for each age group.  PSA rules will be applied and their facilities will be utilized. 

  1. Team Fees:

    1. Basketball Team Fees:

      • Season fee $285 (Includes 8 games, 8 extra practices at PSA, and coaching fees)

      • Jersey: $35 (New players only)

    2. Soccer Team Fees

      • Season fee $175​ 

      • Jersey: $35 (New players only)

  2. $65 Registration fee per semester for all non-active BEAM students. (everyone not enrolled in other BEAM programs).

Payments is submitted through Zelle to complete team registration.

Zelle information: 

  • Phone number: (214) 809-8485. 

  • Account Name: BEAM Academy

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