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High School Youth Halaqa

Program Description and Mission:

The High School years are crucial for youth development to build future leaders. During these years, adolescents are dealing with many issues from Physical changes, Behavioral changes, Emotional issues, Substance Use and Abuse, Psychological problems, Social problems. These are issues/problems any and every high school student deal with on a daily basis. Furthermore, these future leaders also are trying to figure out who they are! With the societal pressures facing them every day through social media, peer pressure, and much more it is extremely easy for today’s youth to become influenced with through the wrong lens. Given all these challenges, Muslim youth have an extra filter of finding themselves religiously as well.


Through this program, Muslim American High School students will be geared to critical thinking discussion of day-to-day challenges through an Islamic lens from Islamic history, the Quran, Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. This will help enrich their leadership skills and thrive for wanting to make an effort in the future of this Ummah! Through this program, we aim to help guide students to enrich their religious values to shape their overall purpose as future American Muslim leaders.

Program Overview:
  • Ages: High School Boys

  • Dates: September-May 

  • Location: East Plano

  • Days: Tuesday

  • Times: 7:00 PM-8:30 PM

  • Cost: $35 / month

Enrollment Details:

  • This program is by application only. Please fill out the application below, and you will be contacted by a BEAM representative about the status of the application. Please submit your payment once your child's application. is approved.

Monthly Payment

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