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I Read Arabic!



In our best efforts to enhance the Arabic program here at BEAM, we have partnered up with the ‘I Read Arabic’ platform to excel and enrich your child’s learning process. After analyzing the results of the Arabic placement test, we would like to invite the qualified children to begin using this platform. We are providing the information in the format of questions and answers to help give you a better understanding of the platform and how to register.


What is the ‘I Read Arabic’ platform ?

‘I Read Arabic’ is a digital platform, leveled reading program that is designed to help advance the quality of Arabic language fluency and literacy. This platform offers 16 simplified levels based on the Arabic leveling children’s books, to suit the educational level of both native and non-native Arabic speaking students from KG to Grade 7.

The platform also provides a library containing hundreds of resources such as digital books as well as videos, and worksheets.

The ‘I Read Arabic’ platform allows us to support your child’s reading and language progress by providing your child with an individualized immersive Arabic language experience.


Why we want to begin using ‘I Read Arabic’

Perfecting knowledge in a new language requires daily practice and exposure. This platform will allow us to pave a pathway to perfecting the Arabic language through the wonderful engaging tools that provide stories to read with follow up comprehension questions,  and opportunities for your child to record themselves reading the story to send to their teacher. This process ensures maintaining a learning acquisition for your child.


Will this program alone be able to teach your child Arabic without attending class ?

No, this program is just to enrich your child’s language acquisition. Attending class is essential and this program is a supplement.

Signing up for this platform is not required, but it can help your children accelerate their learning experience.


Does BEAM offer financial aid for this program?

Yes, please contact us at if you would like to apply for financial aid.

Is my child qualified to start this program? Please check with us at 2148098485

Information for the parents when signing up

The monthly fee to sign up is $7.5/month for the first child, $6.5/month for the second, and $5.5/month for the third. After 3 months, if you are not satisfied, you can unsubscribe by emailing BEAM at


How to sign up and register

  1. Click on ‘Subscribe” and choose your monthly plan.

  2. Once you have registered  we will create your child’s account and will send you an email with an instructions, your child username and password.

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